Friday, January 6, 2017

The beach briefly

We decided to have a quick, overnight, trip to the beach on Wednesday. The weather was inclement for some of the trip but who cares. The beach  and lake are fun no matter. You get wet anyway.

The weather did fine up and lots of sunscreen was on order because boy is the sun powerful. Burns in minutes. I think I prefer the summer sun in the UK than here at home. Much kinder.

I'm tired today. Getting too old to have such lightning trips.We need a day or two to relax and recover from the driving.

 I've always been a fan of shells and rock pools and nature in general really. I haven't always been a fan of sand under my feet but I like it now.

And what a bonus. A rescue plant came home with me. Of course my son knows me well enough (probably anyone could guess though) that if there is a plant that needs a good home rather than a trip to the landfill, then it has my name on it. A lovely Norfolk Island Pine past its Christmas tree prime so here it is ready for a trim and a new home in the ground where it can stretch out some. Fingers crossed it likes it here.



River said...

I LOVE the beach and would live there if I could, but beachfront properties are way out of my budget by about a million percent :(
I hope the tree survives and thrives, what a shame people just throw them away after Christmas. This is why I always have an artificial Christmas Tree.

Lilbitbrit said...

Makes you feel good to rescue and revive something. Whirl wind trips do tire one out.

I am said...

Hi Tracy,Happy New Year,your trip to the beach sounds lovely,fingers crossed for your tree xx

kiwikid said...

Lovely to have a trip to the beach for you....I am sure that Norfolk pine will flourish under your care.

Sharmayne said...

I have to agree that driving trips now require a rest the following day, but wow look at all those shells! I love rock pools to, not that I've seen many the past few years living where we do at present ( soon to change we hope). Hope that Norfolk pine survives as it will be quite a treasure

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Good luck with the plant I am sure you will have it better in no time...always nice to see the beach 💖

Linda P said...

I'm catching up with your news Tracy. It sounds as if it's very hot and you have to get going early in the morning when working outside just like we have to during the hotter months in Italy. I was interested to see your rescued Norfolk Island Pine as we have them growing indoors in the big glasshouse in the centre of the city and, of course, they are exotic specimens here. We have had gale force winds and we are expecting snow at the end of the week. The wind has died down, but it caused disruption and chaos yesterday where trees crashed down across roads and onto parked cars. (We have lots of woods and tree lined roads in and around our city). Wishing you a good rest of the week.