Saturday, February 11, 2017

Offline a bit

I've kind of been spend a bit more time offline this week and haven't had the chance or the inclination to sit looking at the screen too much. 

 Doing lots of this. Gardening before it gets too hot which at the moment means before 8am. BTW, that's me there in the background. Grace must have been taking pictures while she keeps me company. She starts university in nine days time so she needs to make the most of her lazy days.

I'm surprised at how well things are handling the heat and blistering sun. But they are as long as they get a good deep watering.

I have also been doing plenty of writing in the more traditional sense. Sending out bits and pieces for the Month of Letters and receiving some too. This great card came in yesterday. I love it.


Wednesday, February 1, 2017


School went back this week. I kind of feel like that is the start of the year for me because it is back to proper routines and chores and getting things done. Well hopefully getting things done.

I have been a real slacker in January. I feel kind of lethargic because of it really but the new page on the calendar is giving me inspiration to get up and get going. Exercising, writing and such.

And some down time too. We have a really nice spot down by the creek that runs through out property. It is peaceful. I can't say it is quiet. The creek is fast flowing (especially so at the moment because we have had a lot of rain) and noisy. Definitely not a babbling brook. I came home from my cold swim energised though. Maybe it was the mindfulness, the energy of the water or the bracing temperature of the water.

Before I run out of oomph, I should get started on my day.

I'll leave you here with a picture of the flowers on my lilly pilly. It's nice when a rescue plant rewards your kindness with flower or fruit or even with just surviving.