Saturday, April 22, 2017


I'm taking a break from the online world. My internet connection and speed is helping me along with my desire to be more present and completely engaged in life.

I'll be back soon or not soon. Who knows?

And I'm not alone, offline is apparently the new luxury.

Bye for now,

Friday, April 7, 2017

Five on Friday

It has been quite a while since I posted a Five on Friday post. So long in fact that we now have new hosts for the get together. Amy has handed the reins over to Carly and Tricky. Anyway, I am here with five photos. I think I have shared most of the pictures on Instagram at some point this week so apologies if you've had to see them twice. 

1. This nerine has been flowering quite nicely. I think I planted it years ago mostly so I could have an entry in that section of our local agricultural show.

 2. The ewes are enjoying the autumn. It is so much kinder to them than the summer heat and they really do seem happier.

 3. The windy weather brought an old, dead tree down on the fence last weekend. I'm glad it didn't do much damage and we have some firewood from it too.

4. I'm enjoying the autumn too. Enough work to do and enough down time to enjoy a cup of tea and some writing time. I love the early night fall and the cool temperatures.

Chooky aka Hawkie

5. It's Chooky's birthday today sort of. Three years ago today she lived while every other chicken and turkey on our farm lost their lives. It was a sad, sad day then. But, we have her and she has become such a coddled little bird who spends her days following me where I go (when she can).

Anyway, that is it for me for this Five on Friday post. If you would like to join in please click on over to the FAST Blog. Or maybe even click on over just to have a read.

Bye for now,

Monday, April 3, 2017

Menu Plan

It has been a while since I have written up a menu plan here on the blog. In fact I can honestly say that since changing my diet to plant-based, I have been quite remiss in planning what we eat, relying more on what is in the garden, in the fridge or what I feel like just before meal preparation. I've been a slacker. 

Today I am limited in what I will be cooking. There's the no oven issue and I haven't been shopping for a while. So tonight it has to be whatever is in the pantry or fridge. Or maybe I could just take out some leftovers from the freezer (that's looking good at the moment). I'm grocery shopping tomorrow whether I like it or not.

So here goes.

Main meals this week: 

Monday- eggplant and green bean curry, split pea dahl and brown basmati rice.
Tuesday- Chilli with rice or corn chips/ tacos, salasa and guacamole.
Wednesday- Potato salad and kimchi
Thursday- Girls night out with Grace and Hope. Yum!!!
Friday- Scrambled tofu with tomatoes, chilli sauce and toast
Saturday- Zucchini and chickpea burgers with tabbouleh.
Sunday- Pearl barley and vegetable soup.

That's the plan at this stage but hey, it's only a list and no one cares if inspiration strikes and I cook something else. I'm definitely locking in a nice dinner out on Thursday night though.

 Something good I have eaten already today is homegrown popcorn. I decided to shuck a few cobs and pop them at morning tea time. I think they look quite pretty. Some ears were pollinated better than others but that's how it goes.

And with more luck than skill, I estimated the capacity of the saucepan just right (this time).

Now, time to cook the curry and dahl.

Bye for now

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April to-do list


A quick to-do list which I'm sure will need additions throughout the month.

  • A new oven (if not a whole new kitchen)
  • Finish winter sowing and planting
  • Pull up hall carpet
  • Gather and stack some wood (it's getting cooler)
  • Write everyday (letters, diary, journal)
  • Exercise everyday
  • Meditate
  • Knit or crochet a scarf (have to find the right pattern first)
  • Plan our trip we will take in September
  • The regular chores and the daily dramas

I'm also thinking about what to do for my Biggest Morning Tea next month.  At this stage without an oven it is going to be tea/ coffee and a packet of biscuits from the shops. I'm keeping my donations box up all year  and plan to add any loose change to it when I remember. Every little bit counts.

Right now the sun is shining so I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon out in the garden. Unfortunately for me it is blowing a gale outside and I do not like wind above a zephyr.

Bye for now,

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April- no joke

I am astonished that we are a quarter of the way into 2017. Slowing down and being in the moment is what I am trying to do but still the clock ticks and the days seem to pass by so quickly. This past month has been full. We have had to to and fro and do quite a bit  but it is all settling down now and back to routine. Perhaps I will be blogging regularly or perhaps I am just an April fool.

 In the garden, the dahlias are truly only starting to shine now. Very late for them. In the past I have entered them in our local show which was last weekend. None were right then (and I wasn't home anyway) but they bloomed lovely from Monday. The rain we had was probably the key but I like to think they just didn't want to be judged.

 Chillies are excellent this year and by excellent I mean HOT. They look quite spectacular too in my opinion. The Aji Yellow above are mild in comparison to some but still spicy enough to add a kick to some dahl or curry.

I'm still planting the winter garden. Trips away, rainy days and some family health related transport duties have put me behind just a little. Of course the 35℃ we had mid-week means I'm not behind at all, the plants must feel like it is still summer.

Anyway, it is school holidays now and that is always great.

Bye for now,