Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Out of practice

It would appear that not writing on my blog had become the norm for me so I kind of forget that I have this space again and hence forget to write here. Then there is also the fact that really I don't have much to write about most of the time.

Now I can share a picture of my messy writing desk with you. it seems that any paper, pens, books or stationery just landed there and I couldn't sit there and write letters or make mail art or pen a single thing in my journal.

But it took next to no time to set it to rights. Just a matter of putting things in there place. I tidied the desk a couple of weeks ago and happily it has stayed tidy. The secret (which is no secret at all), put things away when I am finished with them. Works every time 😜

And life has been pretty much in summer holiday mode here but not for long, school is back on Monday and university in early February so it will be heads down then. 

The heat has been so draining. I always have some degree of ennui during the long, hot summer months and if there is no rain- which there isn't- then it is so much worse. It's hard to shake.


Saturday, January 6, 2018

An easy crafty finish

It may not be much but I did start and finish making something on Wednesday night. I repurposed some Christmas placemats (just two pieces of fabric stitched together) into drawstring bags to hold some sweets for my nephews. It took next to no time and required not much effort at all but it did feel good to use my sewing machine and to actually make something. I hope there will be plenty more finishes ahead.

I have been enjoying the start to this year. A visit with my sister and the two nephews mentioned. They pretty much emptied the bags of their contents in record time. Ready to be refilled for next Christmas 😋. They also exhausted me with their abundance of energy ( could have been the sugar).

Time in my garden has been mostly about watering. It is hot and expected to be even hotter over the weekend. But the garden is growing well and although in the hottest parts of the day, things look sad and wilted, they perk up with a drink and when the sun goes behind the hills in the evening.

I went to town yesterday and forgot to buy batteries for my camera so unless I can scrounge around for some here I might have to use some older pictures for the time being. Of course they went flat just when I was in the middle of taking some pictures.

Bye for now,
Tracy xo

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018

2017 flashed by for me. I'm determined to take things slower in 2018. Write in my diary (and here) and plans are in motion to cross a few things off my travel dreams list. I've spent a bit of time today transferring info from last year's notebook to this and taking note of the useless bits of information I umm take note of. My tally of letters sent for example. 235 last year plus those I forgot to record. 😜

I thought the day was going to be overcast. It looked that way at 6am but it is hot and sunny this afternoon. I've watered the garden and done some weeding and had a quick nap too. It's that kind of day. There are tomatoes and beans in the garden that will be involved in dinner somehow ( curry tonight I think) and the bees are crazy for the sunflowers at the moment.

I received a small cross stitch gift tag kit from a friend and I will finish making one of those this afternoon. I really didn't take the time to be creative craft-wise last year but these little tags have made me realise how much I miss making things. And I will have something for the present box for next Christmas. Hopefully it will be the start of my creativity not the end.

Happy 2018
Tracy xo