Thursday, January 31, 2019


I am a little behind with the Sweet Pea crochet along. The heat has been not conducive to crochet or anything else really but I do a few lines here and there and I;m catching up. As long as I have it finished for when the weather turns cooler and I can actually put the blanket to use. I'll definitely be working on this tomorrow night for Friday Night with Friend,

The Month of Letters starts tomorrow. That's a whole month of writing and mailing each day the mail runs. I try to average out to having one mail item per day for February regardless of the days on which I actually post it. I'm nowhere near a post box so I just send when I go to town. Surprisingly,  I don't have many letters in my reply pile so I will probably post some random mail to friends or family all over.

Time to get outdoors for chores before the heat.
Thanks for visiting.
Tracy xo


kiwikid said...

The heat sure is not encouraging to be doing crochet!! I had better get my act together and write a reply to your letters for LetterMo!! Seems to have come around very quickly.

Sheryl said...

Happy Thursday my friend ,looking forward to your progress with your crocheting,see you tomorrow night xx

River said...

The crochet blanket is looking very pretty.

mamasmercantile said...

Heat is certainly not conducive to crochet, particularly such a large item. I crochet when it is cold it helps to keep me warm.

Tania said...

Hi Tracy,

I was going to crochet the sweet pea rug, but I have too many other things on the go that I need to finish first. I hope to do it later down the track.

The heat here has done serious damage to my veggies. Makes me feel like giving up. Maybe I just wont grow vegetables in summer from now on. The drought weather is not helping conditions here.

Have a lovely weekend,

VeggieMummy said...

I love the Sweet Pea blanket. I've made a few Attic 24 blankets in the past and love them all. Funny hearing that it's too warm where you are - we woke up to several inches of snow this morning. Apart from a trip into the garden to feed the birds, I plan on staying put. A day of getting to grips with my new sewing machine awaits. Enjoy your month of letters. It's a dying art, but I do love it when one drops through my letterbox. xx