Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, new post

Where to start? Just where I am I guess. I have spent almost twelve months in the background  here and am just now feeling that I want to write again. A new year is a good place to restart. I have noticed that there are many blogs missing from my reading list. 

In the vegetable garden today

In the eleven months or so that I have been absent, life has continued on with its ups and downs and the minutiae of day to day life. I'm sure I'll get to sharing bits and pieces as I continue here.
The herb garden is a jungle at the moment.
 At the moment I can happily say we have enough water for people, animals and gardens. It was looking dire a month or so ago but a few summer storms and our two creeks that have not stopped running (even if they slowed to a trickle) and things are looking up. The grass is green and the plants including the weeds are growing well.

I am looking forward to getting started on the Attic 24 crochet along starting this week (January 4th). I've never participated in one before and chose the yarn pack as my Christmas gift. It was the most economical way to get all the right yarns. I am definitely aiming to make 2019 a more creative one for me. Cross stitching, sewing, crochet, writing... whatever feels right.

So, just a brief post today to check back in and try to get the hang using blogger again.

Tracy xo


Sheryl said...

Hi Tracy great to see you back again ,so glad you have plenty of water ,your yard looks lovely and green,I have a new blog now ,hope you will visit,happy New Year my friend,cheers Shez xx

Lilbitbrit said...

Welcome back. You are right I think far less people blog now, except for the blogs for branding and money. I think a lot went to Instagram. All sounds fun. The crochet along will be good I'm sure. Glad you have water. Last year in Pennsylvania we had the most rain on record. Happy 2019 plans and goals. It's a new slate.

Lisa said...

Tracy! I am glad you're back here again. :)
Happy New Year, and I want to say the Christmas card you sent me is so beautiful - I have it in my room, propped up so I can see it.xo

River said...

Welcome back. Your garden is looking great! I like the colour selection in the yarn pack. Will we see the work in progress as the item is made?

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy...Happy New Year. Nice to see you back. I have the Sweet Pea Blanket kit but I can't crochet...this is on my 'I must learn how to' list. Hope you are well. Debbie x

Joolz said...

Hi Tracy,
I just popped into my blog and found you had posted! Thank you for your Christmas card and the teas, very nice! I haven't posted since October when we first got back from our trip to Scotland and Greece...I just can't seem to blog from my iPad using BlogTouch Pro which was working originally. I have tried composing a few posts but have had them fail to process which is so frustrating and a waste of time.
I got a lovely new DSLR camera for Christmas so I hope to be able to get some pics on my pc at work then I can blog from there - old school style!

Lovely to see you back in blogland!
Cheers - Joolz xx

kiwikid said...

Lovely to see you back, the garden does look green, Enjoy that wool and the crochet along.

Tania said...

So glad to have you back Tracy, you have been missed.

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to through the year. The crochet along is a great way to start. I had thought about doing this too, but have too many other things on the go :)

I hope to do more posting on my blog this year too, the last few years I have let it fall by the wayside.


Janice said...

I didn’t realise you had started blogging again. I’m so pleased as I did miss reading of all your doings. The sweet pea rug is so pretty. I feel tempted, but I know me well enough to know not to start it. I’m looking forward to seeing yours grow.