Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Potatoes in bags

I've wanted to try growing potatoes in bags for a while. I had a few spare seed potatoes and some hessian sacks from the organic grocer that used to be in town. I use the sacks for the worm farms but some are too thick and the worms don't like them at all.  So I did all the things they say to do and the plants looked lush and green and grew well. But...

These potatoes make my hand look big.

The results were a failure. Six little potatoes. The plants growing in the ground did well but not those in the bag. I watered them and the substrate they were growing in was good and fertile but from what I have been reading, it might be the heat that was working against me. I would not be surprised, it has been desperately hot. So I will probably give the experiment another try when the conditions are not so extreme or find a cooler spot. That is the good thing about growing in the bags, they can be placed anywhere you like.

What the heat and dry weather doesn't affect is the weeds. They can thrive in any conditions it seems. The chooks took good care of this lot and they've also been scratching in the newly weeded patch in the front garden.

The bees are busy. There are eucalypts in flower and they are making the most of the nectar. I hardly see them in the vegetable garden when there are gum trees in bloom but thankfully I did notice a few in the pumpkin flowers this morning. Hopefully that translates to pumpkins down the track a little. Thankfully the blue-banded bees love the vegetable garden and are pollinating the basil, chillies and tomatoes.

ANyway, day 5 of Month of Letters and I have some writing to do.

Bye for now,

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