Sunday, August 4, 2019

Friday Night with Friends- August

I did join in with Cheryll and all the other Friday night friends for a little bit of crafting. I really should get started earlier in the afternoon because I struggle to stay awake to get much crafting done in the evenings. My father in-law once told me I keep children's hours and I think he might have been right. My children though have always been able to stay up later then me. I like going to bed early, I wake up early.

Anyway. I did a little crochet. Just finishing off a scarf that I started quite some time ago. I hadn't bothered until now to finish it because the winters have become so mild that a scarf is hardly ever necessary. But... I am going to be travelling to cooler climes in the not too distant future and the added warmth will be necessary.

I found a quick and easy cowl pattern (crochet or knitted) in a library magazine and will make that up in this ball of Icelandic wool. I haven't started that yet but it really shouldn't take too long particularly if I take the crochet option. The Icelandic wool is really nice and chunky but can be a bit scratchy. It will do and it is good to use up what I have here.

Until next time. Hopefully I can get into some sort of regular writing habit again.
Tracy xo

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kiwikid said...

Nice to see you back. Always good to finish a project, the scarf looks great. Your new project looks great too.