Friday, March 12, 2010

Show Time

This week is our local show/ fair. My daughters take great delight in entering as many sections as they possibly can and every year despite their best intentions, leave a lot of their creating to the last minute. No stress for them but I feel alittle worn out by the end of the weekend.
This is Grace's entry for the floral saucer. Some lambs tongue leaves, roses, cosmos, dahlias and some small geranium flowers.

Hope's entry in the gardening sections nursery rhyme novelty.

Grace's collection of six biscuits for the high school cooking section. She made jam drops, chocolate biscuits and yo-yos. The yo-yos were melting moments until the piping bag burst under pressure.

Hope's entry for the 9 years and under gingerbread men. She has been making and icing gingerbread men since she was a pre-schooler so by now she can make them on her own. She hasn't quite managed to master the post baking washing up though unless you count licking the mixing bowl.

Today was the final weigh-in day for our pumpkin challenge. Our pumkin "Bubba" weighed a meagre 14.42kg so I don't think it is a prize contender but Hope sure had fun looking after it. When it has finally finished growing, we will feed it to the livestock as Atlantic Giant pumpkins are not known for their flavour. We will have a taste too to compare it to the other varieties we have grown.
Well, we are off to the showground soon to see if we have any prize ribbons and to enjoy the other events.
Bye for now,


Linda said...

Hi Tracy, how did everyone get on. Your daughters look like very accomplished cooks. My eight year old loves to bake, but I am very impressed with the gingerbread men.

My parcel arrived! Thank you so much. I have just finished posting about it. I will be happily reading this afternoon for awhile.

Blore said...

Those biscuits look delicious! Especially the yo-yos...much better than melting moments anyway.