Saturday, May 29, 2010

Practical Crafts

In 2008, Grace attended a workshop as part of her classes work on river health. Although their focus was on frogs, she made a nest box for a micro bat. I thought it was a nice thing to hang in the tree and at the most, only expected spiders and insects to take up residence. So, it was with great surprise that we found a micro bat roosting in there. How it knew it was a box made just for that purpose I have no idea. How it found it I also can't fathom. Now I would like to make some more for other trees on the property.

The cold, rainy weather is great for knitting. I have started on some socks with some cheap wool I bought from Spotlight. I'm hoping to have them ready before I head off to Armidale next month so my feet are toasty. I don't knit a lot but when I do pick it up I always wonder why I don't do more of it. It is relaxing , productive and very often produces a practical result.
So, no more computer today, socks are waiting.

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