Friday, May 28, 2010

Home Meat Production

Today was a meat 'harvesting' day. There is a duck in the freezer now waiting to grace our table. We have butchered sheep and poultry ourselves but have had beef professionally done because they are too large for us to handle . Sheep provide many meals from the one animal and are definitely worth the effort. Poultry on the other hand is very labour intensive and it takes about the same time to dress a duck as it doea to dress a lamb.Poultry are also more labour intensive on a day-to-day basis. Sheep don't require daily feeding and watering (not here anyway). Ofcourse once it is lambing time and shearing time, I might tell a different tale. It is good to know that the duck had a good life and was well fed but I just wish they didn't have so many little feathers.
It is all worth it when you can have homegrown, homemade duck ragu. This was the offering from our last duck. Unfortunately it coincided with my pasta machine being jammed so it was store bought pasta. Delicious just the same.


Vickie said...

Way to go girl..and yes I agree with you on the poultry way too many feathers..(don't know why but I just can't come at eating duck)cheers Vickie

Out Back said...

Yum home grown duck! I haven't had one of these for a while now. We used to breed them a while ago but not anymore. We have chooks and eat the young roosters if we hatch any from eggs.