Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back online

Iam back online after taking the 'old' computer to the shop and finding out it is beyond repair. I thought all was lost for my relationship with the internet but it turns out that it was simple to fix. My son's laptop can plug into the satellite connection easily. I was never without internet, I was just without knowledge to connect to it. There are some advantages to being stranded in a world without the world wide web. I have been very busy around the house. I made some log cabin quilt blocks for a swap on my yahoo patchwork group.
Had a few tea parties with loved ones.

Worked hard in the garden. Mulching, weeding, planting and ridding the potato patch of the dreaded leaf-eating ladybird.

At times, I have been sitting and pondering and planning. This is my favourite spot in the vegetable garden to rest. It used to be a wasted space with the huge rocks we couldn't move just sitting there. Now it has a mandarin tree in the centre and some lavenders to make it look pretty (the lavenders are larger than the mandarin as yet but it will win the race in the end).
What I have missed while offline, is visiting the blogs that I enjoy, especially those of people who I now think of as real friends.


Vickie said...

yeah so glad you are back Tracy,..sewing is a good weay to pass the extra time away......oh gee wish I could of been there ot share one of them afternoon teas..and your garden thinking area looks peaceful,cheers Vickie

Christy said...

Computers are great when their working but can also be such a headache.

Glad you are back.

The log cabin quilt block looks lovely.

Shared tea is always a must.