Friday, November 26, 2010

Gardening Day

Just as I suspected, I didn't have as much success on the shopping front as I would have liked but there is still time.
Today was a day. I did do some inside work first- I washed the lounge and hall walls. Then I went outside for some sun, fun and exercise. The sunflowers are starting to bloom and are just, well, so sunny. These ones are near the shed the ewes and lambs spend the night in and under constant threat from a mother sheep who might get her head throught the fence.

I harvested one third of the garlic today which was about 70 bulbs. I haven't weighed it yet but we should have enough garlic for the year and some to give away too. The two beds where the garlics were are now weeded and ready for some more planting. It was a great day. Tim and I were home together and working together.

It's amazing what a difference a week can make. This is one of the little lambs born last Friday afternoon. She is a lovely little girl and because she looks so nice will probably be registered as a stud breeding ewe.
Cricket tomorrow, The Ashes and the 14Bs. Another great day.


Lisa said...

Amazing how fast they grow!

The little book of Nessie said...

Oooh! That lamb looks so cute! Love the black face. Regards, Nessie

Damo said...

A very cute lamb you've got there.

Blore said...

Looking forward to some Aussie grown garlic!!