Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pausing before the rush

Today has been one of those days where the weather was right, the mood was right and the timing was right. I seemed to acheive a lot. It is however just a pause in a busy week in a busy time of year.

Tomorrow I am going into town bright and early to not only do my Christmas shopping but I have to do some birthday shopping too. We still have five birthdays to celebrate before years end and two of those are on Christmas day. The food isn't a problem, I have a turkey,a duck and a leg of lamb in the freezer and the vegetable garden is really earning its keep. I'm looking forward to the festivities of the Christmas season and spending the day with my parents and sister.

Perella Rougette Montpellier lettuce

The lettuce is lush right now. It is nice to not be relying on the store bought iceberg. I actually like the crunchy iceberg type of lettuce but sometimes the shop lettuces are a bit insipid. I have my lettuce growing with the carrots. I"m not sure if companion planting is fact, fiction or a bit of both but I do try to grow good companions near each other. It seems to work so I just keep doing it.

This is the first zucchini almost ready to eat. This one will noy make it to maturity, it is destined for our plates very soon. At least two members of the household have missed zucchini. The kids can take it or leave it.I love it. I am adding some squash seeds to my shopping list for tomorrow because I don't have any and I love it too.


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Damo said...

Our girls aren't big fans of it either but we like it so keep growing. And it's an easy crop which I have had no pest problems with so that's a bonus.