Friday, December 3, 2010

Festive Trees

We had a fun night at the lighting of the community Christmas tree. The weather held off and the night went off without a hitch. It is however raining again today. I do like a pretty Christmas tree and although I like the lights on ours, it would never win any prizes. It is a one of a kind though, a patchy old artificial tree with a lot of homemade ornaments. The kids love it and I don't want to change it either.

While the weather was fine and I was in town, Hope, Grace and I enjoyed the jacarandas which are in bloom. At the moment they are a perfectly festive looking tree which needs absolutely no added decoration. My jacaranda is only just starting to flower. We are 50km from town and about a month behind as far as flowering goes. It's amazing what adifference 50km and some hills and valleys make to the climate. I have seen a few people around town sweeping up the fallen jacaranda petals (and they haven't seemed to be happy about it either). I actually love the purple carpet that they lay, a perfect place for a picnic(when the ground isn't so wet).


Sharon said...

Love the jacarandas as well. There are a few around my area just starting to flower too.

Christy said...

The Jacarandas are beautiful. I always remember as a child I read a book set in South Africa, called the 'Jacaranda Murders.' Can't remember anything else about it except the title which seemed very exotic to me growing up in England.

Wow! 50KM from town, are there any nearer little communities?

Thank you Tracy for leaving such a wonderful comment on my Blog, it just touched and warmed my heart.

Lil Bit Brit

Janice said...

Those Jacarandas are gorgeous. We are too cold for them here, although we saw some beauties when we went to Sydney last weekend. I agree with you that the carpet of petals is so pretty. I had a little chuckle about people sweeping them up and being unhappy about the petals. It is the same here in the autumn with leaves. Some people seem to have the need to rake up each leaf as it falls. We reckon enjoy the carpet of leaves and just rake them up when they have all fallen. Much easier.
The Christmas tree in town looks very festive. I'm glad your kids are happy with your family tree and aren't hankering after the biggest and flashest.

Lisa said...

Wow - gorgeous trees.

Apple Jack Creek said...

It is so nice to read your blog and see the other side of the world reaching for spring, as we Canadians head to the darkest night of winter solstice. :)

The jacaranda trees are stunning, I've never seen anything like them. Are they at all like our lilac trees, I wonder?