Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heat at last

Summer from the back door
Today we have clear skies and some hot sunshine warming up the soil. It is summery at last. There has been no gradual change to make it easier on the body, it has just been cold one day, hot the next. The soil is very moist so the plants will be relishing the warmth. Todays garden work was done early and now it is inside until the afternoon. I can handle that.

First tomatillo flower
My tomatillo plant has a flower which is quite exciting. I have never grown these before so I'm keen to taste them and experiment a little. I almost pulled this plant out because when young, they are a lot like the awful thorn apple. The leaves however have a slight capsicum-like aroma when bruised whereas the thorn apple smells pungent and horrid so I thankfully left it in situ.

The sunny days are drawing the flowers out of their shyness too. My dahlias are just starting to open up and although they lack perfume, they make up for it with their showy blooms.

I hope the weather is kind at your home too.


Janice said...

It's nice to see the sun finally out. I think dahlias are one of my favourite flowers. I planted a few extra this year so am waiting with baited breath for them to flower. One of my old ones is missing. I think Mick accidently dug it out while weeding in early spring. Oops.

Anne said...

Sunny and warm here today as well, although more rain is forecast,lets hope no more floods....

Out Back said...

HOT here with 43C tomorrow, 44C Friday, a bit too hot for the poor garden (and me), I think there may be some casualties...

Your dahlia looks lovely and bright.


Lisa said...

You are saying "heat finally" and I've been saying "snow finally"! How interesting it is to read this blog.

Scarecrow said...

Hi Tracy
Yes very hot here for the next few days (I live near Tania!!)

I am getting a early start with my New Year wishes.
I hope 2011 will be a productive year in both your garden and your life.
I trust the weather will behave itself for you and not present too many (more) extremes!!

All the best