Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Outdoor Gym

No, I didn't brave the inflatable pool structure. That was strictly the domain of the kids at the local pool Christmas party. The water was simply too cold for anyone else.
Today I got my workout in the vegetable garden. I'm completely tuckered out and feeling good about it. I also have some fresh spaces to fill up with more plants.

Much better than a gym. Resistance training, stretching, some modified yoga poses all in the fresh air and thankfully in the sunshine. I'm hoping the sunshine continues for a little longer though every day some clouds build up and threaten more rain. We have rain predicted for Christmas day and beyond. At least our temperatures are predicted to be around the 26degree mark which will be very pleasant.
The weather doesn't matter, my sister is coming for a visit and we will have a merry time.

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Sharon said...

Your vegetable garden looks lovely and lush, it must have enjoyed the rain. What a fantastic view you have from your garden, so lucky. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas Tracy to you and your family.