Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I picked up my crochet hook and some Nundle Wool Mill wool and tried out Jodie's Christmas Star tutorial. They were fun, they were easy and very quick. The girls have claimed all of the stars I have made so far so I'm going to make a few more for me and also for my sisters.
Yesterday I also received my washer swap parcel. It came from Pixie and I feel very lucky. A sampler of herbal tea, some crnaberry and raspberry tea, a Santa stitchery and a very cute Christmas wash cloth. Thanks Pixie.
I have been sewing and cooking today. The cold weather meant everyone was extra hungry.


BubzRugz said...

Love the stars... I must save the page and try them.... Nice swap items too - I have never used the cotton washers.... now I am hooked..

peskypixies said...

so glad you liked your goodies.did you like the pattern in the washcloth?I loved it.