Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summer Advent

Today is the first day of summer but this is what it looks like out the back today. Cool and very wet. A good day for indoor pursuits which is exactly what I have been up to. I have done some online shopping which I must say is more pleasant than battling for a car parking space and much easier than the Woolworths self-serve checkout.

I also retrieved the storage tub of Christmassy things from the shed in readiness for the girls when they arrive home from school. They are very keen to embrace the Christmas season and all it means in seriousness and in fun. I have seen that many people are starting their advent activities and calendars and we are no different. The kids all have handmade calendars and the girls also have shop bought ones too because one just isn't enough. I have made one for me and Tim too which involves things we can do together and as a family rather than a little bit of chocolatey goodness everyday. Tomorrow we are going to the community Christmas tree lighting and tonight we will be decorating our own Christmas tree.

Tim is the one with the required patience for untangling lights that really weren't tangled before they went in the box. I'm not sure he will appreciate this picture of him online but I think he looks cute anyway. These are my favourite Christmas lights. They belonged to my great aunt and are quite old. They are made of rather ornate glass and are scarily fragile. They remind me of childhood visits to her home and actually of being quite bored while we visited but I love them. When they are up on the tree, I will post a picture which I'm sure will not do them justice.

I have been using the wet weather day to get some sewing done too but that is all top secret for now.

I hope the Christmas season is happy and fun.


Janice said...

The weather is not at all summery, is it. We've even had the fire alight. It sounds like you spent your day very wisely, tucked up inside. Have fun with the decorating.

joolzmac said...

I'm trying to get Chrismassy but I work each day so not a lot gets done. Haven't bought a pressie yet! The tree will be put up in the next day or so and I am starting some gifts for my sisters (garden theme this year).

The weather is just plain weird! We alternate between a summers day then back to winter with 15C! I am still not hanging washing out on the open line in case of showers! Today it's overcast, thundery and muggy but the rain didnt eventuate while other areas have had flooding rain. Weird!

Enjoy your Christmas season,

Cheers - Joolz

Sharon said...

Have fun putting your christmas tree up tonight with your girls. We are putting ours up tonight as well. I wanted to wait until the weekend, but was reminded we always put it up on the 1st. Have fun!

Blore said...

Looks like it was a nice day for drinking cuppas and cross stitching - or at least that's what I would've been doing if I were with you!

Lisa said...

Tracy, this is the first time I've really thought about the fact that some people have Christmas at the same time that strawberries are ripening.

And also wondering how those other people get through their winters, without Christmas (and we have Thanksgiving, too) to brighten up the long, dark days. I cannot imagine it. Do you have other things going on which help?