Thursday, January 27, 2011


A while back Christy was offering a give away in honour of 500 posts and I was the lucky winner. When I say lucky, I mean lucky. Christy was more than generous with the lovely surprise parcel she sent me. It was wrapped up so beautifully in sheet music that it seemed a shame to open it.Open it I did though and we were all delighted by the gifts. Some gorgeous cards, some vintage fasteners, some linen with cross stitched details, a wax seal(my son thought this was great), a heart shaped pendant, some pretty fabric and a lovely handmade brooch. Thank you so much Christy.
Here is the lovely brooch that Christy made . It is very sweet and I can't wait to wear it. In fact, we are off on a quick trip to buy Grace a violin tomorrow so I think I will wear it then.
If you haven't had a look at Christy's blog before, it is well worth a visit. There are lots of lovely things to look and at the moment when it is so hot here, it offers a delightfully cool/cold break.


Christy said...

Hi Tracy,

Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes you will be thinking cool when you look at my blog because we've had yet another snow. And you are sweltering away.

Your garden look lovely, and as you said is therapeutic.

I'm glad you received the parcel. It was just so mind bending to have seen the little gifts on my Chinese table and wrapping them up and then to see them the other side of the world.

Enjoy and take care,


Janice said...

You were very lucky. What delightful gifts. I'll have to pop over and visit Christy's blog.