Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Cool

I'm cool...that's what I'm telling myself today. If I think I'm cool then maybe I won't feel so hot. It is working fairly well so far. Although it is very hot outside, I have the evaporative cooler on and I have managed to get a few things done including the ironing. For the most part though, I am just watching the cricket. There aren't many games left of the season so I have to watch it or listen to it while I can. I also decided to have a look through some of my wool because I've been inspired by a couple of new library books.
Mug Hugs is very cute and most of the projects would be quick knits. There isn't much call for a mug hug at the moment but come winter time, they might be nice.
Brave New Knits has some fantastic projects from knitters from the blogosphere. Quite a few are difficult and for someone who really likes to concentrate while they are knitting. I'm going to choose one or two of the easy knits so my mind is free to wander just a little while I knit.


The little book of Nessie said...

We are having cooler weather here in Victoria than you are experiencing Tracy. Those books look great. I too use the library to borrow books and magazines. Regards, Nessie

Vickie said...

Oh it has been lovely and cool here for afew days..but now Cyclone Bianca is drawing all the rain down the west coast,back to stinky humid heat today...Oh I so love your wool pail..can't wait to see what you knit up,cheers Vickie

belinda said...

I hope you had a great "cool" day in front of the cricket. Those books look great might need to keep my eye out and see if they cross my path.

Kind Regards

Lisa said...

Knitting in summer! I rarely do that - you're hard core! :)

Blore said...

A mug hug would be nice. I'll order mine now for Easter!

Blore said...

A mug hug would be nice. I'll order mine now for Easter!