Monday, March 14, 2011


Greenhouse by Joost that is. After reading about this pop-up cafe and seeing images hof the carpet of strawberry plants covering the exterior walls, I really wanted to visit this cafe while we were in Sydney over the weekend. It is a temporary venue and will be gone at the end of the month. If the busyness is any indicator though, it could easily become permanent.
I really liked the idea of the strawberry pots balanced in the reinforcement steel. So much so that I would like to use the idea somewhere around our garden. There were very few srawberries on the young plants and those that were there were very small and looked like they were struggling just a bit. Althought he location is very pleasing on the eye, I'm sure the sun, city pollution and salty air from being on the waters edge is not good for them.The structure also acts as an interactive art installation. The magnesium oxide boards used for the walls are covered in thought provoking words and phrases which Tim enjoyed reading. For me the effect was just a little too large to enjoy. each to his own as far as art and life goes I suppose.
I did like the re-used wine bottle as water carafes. This is something we do at home too.

The roof top was lovely. We visited in the morning so the roof top area was just for enjoying the view. Later in the day, it acts as a bar. The outer edge is planted up with herbs. Parsley, basil, marjoram and perhaps a few others. These were definitely suffering from the aspect. Although some herbs often tolerate and sometimes enjoy more arid conditions, these looked like they would rather not be harbourside. The gardener in me felt sorry for them but not for the lucky person who gets to tend the little plot.

The views were good all the way around. This is from our 'window' seat. It is an open structure so there really aren't any windows.

Unfortunately we missed breakfast and it wasn't quite lunch service so we just had a coffee. I was expecting it to be over-priced because of the 'trendyness' but the coffee at least was on par with other cafes. I can say for certain it is the first time I have had my coffee served in a recycled jar. Different, fun, a little gimmicky but best of all, a day out with my favourite man. I do wish he had have taken a picture featuring the coffee in a jar rather than a picture of me with the coffee tacked on.
There is a much better description and pictures on this blog. Anyway, the cafe culture lifestyle of yesterday is over and today it I'm happily back to being a hillwilliam.


Vickie said...

GORGEOUS photos what a unique place I was looking at the picture thinking that looks liek a coffee in an old jar and read on to see i was correct-how different..I wonder sometimes where people come up with thier unique ideas,cheers Vickie
p.s. I think the photo of you is lovely

Lisa said...

I recognized the opera house! And, coffee in a jar - interesting. A fun experience.