Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Autumn Sowing

The days are most definitely shortening so it is a good time to get busy in the garden. The weather is milder (today it is even overcast) so working is more pleasant. Everyday I can rely on the garden to provide for us and I want to make sure we don't have a lean gap between summery vegetables and wintery ones.

I have seeds on the go and I'm looking forward to the wholesome tastes of the cooler season crops. In the trays are:
  • Musselburgh leeks
  • Kale- Nero di toscano
  • Cauliflower- snowball
  • Cabbage- sugarloaf and Dutch red
  • Brussels sprouts- ruby and Evesham special
  • Broccoli- Romanesco, Waltham 29, purple sprouting, green sprouting and red arrow.

Today I will directly sow a few things too. I spent last night looking through my Digger's newsletter at the lovely things they have on offer. Although I'm not one who is prone to shopping trips for fun, I can certainly get carried away dreaming of new plants and seeds.



Lisa said...

You grow such an interesting array of things.

Out Back said...

Hi Tracy,

Yes it is definitely Autumn now although the temperature here is still in the mid 30's. I love this time of year, it is my all time favourite.

I am wanting to grow some things this winter in the garden so I had better get busy and do it soon!

Have a lovely day,

Vickie said...

Oh I so love seeing your posts on oyur gardening..wonderfult o read what your planting and seeing photos of what you have grown..makes me impatient to be down sth,cheers vickie