Monday, March 21, 2011


I've said it here before that patience in the garden is not one of my virtues. I am however biding my time, waiting for the rice to be just right before harvesting. It won't be long now until the little bathtub rice 'paddy' is harvested and ready for threshing and winnowing on a very small scale.
On Saturday I went to Nundle for Kerry's annual Girl's Day in the Country. The day flew by and although I'm not entirely happy with my little purse that I made, I'm happy to say that I finished it and I would gladly make another.

There were quite a few bloggers in attendance and it was nice to meet the people who write some of the blogs I like to read. I now have a few more blogs that I will be catching up on. Being someone who would be described as a bit shy/quiet, it could have been a little daunting but everyone was friendly and welcoming. I will gladly go again next year.


belinda said...

That rice is really beautiful. I can't wait to hear how much you managed to grow in your bath paddy.

Kind Regards

ElsieMay said...

Never thought about rice, always thought about it in the big paddy fields in Japan.
some of the organic rice paddys "employed" ducks to keep the fields pest free. These were my favourite fields - just because of the ducks.

Out Back said...

The rice looks like it is coming along well.

Good on you Tracy for going along to the annual girls day. I am like you, shy. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little push and most times the outcome is pleasant. I think the purse looks lovely...Glad you were made to feel welcome and will go again.


BubzRugz said...

I'm so impressed with your home grown rice.... your purse looks great... glad you had a good time at Nundle... it sounds like it was great fun...

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

It was lovely to meet you in person Tracy. Sorry I missed saying goodbye after dinner. Hope to catch up again next year.

Vickie said...

wow rice you are so clever.How fortunate you were to go join the other bloggers,cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

Tracy, I love your purses! I've wondered about how difficult it is to work with those little purse frames - was it a pain?

It's exciting to see your rice almost ready - I think you planted that when I first discovered your blog. I'll be curious to know how much you'll actually get out of it.

Janice said...

It was such a fun day at Nundle. I was so pleased to finally meet you. Your purse turned out very nicely, and you had a finish on the day. I can't wait to see your rice harvest. It caught my interest when you planted it.

Anita said...

It was lovely to meet you Tracy, sorry I missed you before you left but there was a change of dinner plans!
I am so glad you decided to come to a bunch of strangers, that is what I was like the first year - drove 6 hours and knew no one!!!
PS thanks for the honey it is delicious!

shez said...

Your purse looks great Tracy