Monday, April 11, 2011

Harvest Monday- 11 April 2011

This week 2.2kg/ 4.8 pounds made it from garden to kitchen. I harvested the first of the butternut pumpkins because we had roast lamb for our Sunday night meal and I just couldn't resist. The pumpkin was sweet and I much prefer the butternut to the golden nuggets which have been our only source of pumpkin for months. It has pretty much been a mixed harvest. Tomatoes, chillies, herbs, salad leaves, beans, zucchini and capsicums. I'm not a huge fan of capsicums but I like to use them to make a relish that is both sweet and spicy. We have had quite dry weather after the flooding of late last year. So dry in fact that one of our water tanks was emptied on Friday morning. Thankfully, we have enough water storage tanks to ensure that we don't run out of water. The 43mm of rain that we had overnight has gone a long way to refilling the empty tank too. I think even when you rely solely on the rain for your water supply, you can become a little complacent and everyone here is going to be more vigilent with their water usage. There are more Harvest Monday post to read over at Daphne's Dandelions. Tracy


Anne said...

I have noticed we are not as vigialnt about our water either, it is so easy to get into wasteful habits again.

Janice said...

Your capsicums look terrific. So much better than store bought. It has been very welcome rain yesterday. We had just over an inch. Just what the doctor ordered, although it has still been quite a good season down our way.

rosie said...

Hi Tracy,
We are so fortunate this year, our tanks and dams are full. It is going to be a very wet year we think..
Love your vegie garden stories.
Take care, Rosie

Daphne said...

What pretty peppers.

I guess I don't think much about water here. We get so much rain usually. We average 4" (10cm) a month. Some years I barely have to water at all. But then we get years like last year and it gets us to thinking about how we ought to store water and be more careful.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Quite a beautiful basket of peppers. I am in love with butternuts too.