Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sew Sew

Tonight I am having a sewing bee. I have a table runner to finish up for a swap and it needs to be posted this week. I am determined to have it done and in the mail on Tuesday when I go to town to donate blood. No pictures yet but by tomorrow it will hopefully be a different story. I figure if I write it here, I will have to live up to it. Ofcourse I will be multi-tasking. Sewing while watching one of my favourite television shows, Are You Being Served. I probably shouldn't admit to that.The girls in Uralla
Not a very good image of the cross stitch I started on Thursday. I actually received the kit from my sister last September for my birthday so I feel a little guilty not having started yet. I'm looking forward to having this one on the wall so I think I will make good progress with it. I'm also still working on my tea cup cross stitch but it is in its final stages. Just the border to go. Hooray. Tracy


Janice said...

Have fun sewing. Nothing like blogging about something to act as an incentive.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

You are feeling guilty about something you got last september?? LOL, I'm presently finishing my quilt that I started in 1996 - yes that would be 15 years ago!! (Can I add I have done a few things in between!!)

Lisa said...

I am sometimes tempted to blog about a project I'm working on, but resist the temptation because I'm afraid that wouldn't be enough to keep me sticking to it - you must be more disciplined than I.