Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chilly night, lovely day

Last nights dinner at the TAFE restaurant was delicious. $30 for a three course meal prepared by apprentice chefs and served by wait staff in training. There is a lot to be said for being served by and cooked for by people who are out to impress their teachers. If anyone has the opportunity to visit their local college I can recommend it. I felt a little like a judge on a television cooking show only I was there to enjoy, not to critique. I didn't take pictures because I thought it might add a bit of unnecessary pressure. I'm glad I put those new flannel sheets on the bed. We had out first fair dinkum frost of the season last night. I think this frost might be the official end of the summer garden.

I'm grateful that this Chinese Lantern shrub is my mother's and not mine. It looked pretty but a little chilly this morning in its icy coat.

Not only frost but a fog too. I love foggy weather (except when I have to drive). It has a bit of mystery about it. I half expect Kate Bush to pop out of the mist singing Wuthering Heights.

Typically, the fog lifted and the frost melted to bring a beautiful sunny day. Just right for drying washing and salvaging anything left in the garden which needs it.



Blore said...

That fog looks great. We had our first light frost in Camden this morning so can only imagine that is was a little heavier up there.

Lisa said...

Beautiful frost photos, Tracy.
I've been to a nearby college dining room, and you are right; inexpensive and delicious. Everybody so pleasant, and a great variety. It was a while ago - I'd almost forgotten about it.

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

Yep, know what you mean about the cold, the mercury has dropped here too. But, the days are just beautiful.