Thursday, June 23, 2011

A New Ram

A new ram is what should be in this trailer cage.But alas, it is empty.

We drove down to Scone to inspect some young rams as we are retiring our big boy, Crinkles. Thankfully it is a pleasant drive made all the more sweeter by going with Tim because we did not see any that were satisfactory. Too many negative features which would not improve our flock.

Not to be disheartened though, I am emailing other potential suppliers today and tomorrow and hopefully we can bring a ram with not only good looks but a good disposition home to Sunny Corner Farm very soon. The ewes are waiting.



shez said...

hope you find studley soon,cant keep the girls waiting,lol

Apple Jack Creek said...

I am envious of the trailer itself - even without a ram in it! What a great stock trailer. Nice and light.