Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not gardening, stitching

Usually when I'm not gardening, reading, cooking, driving, working outside or doing housework, I can be found enjoying some sort of craft activity. It really is the only 'girly' type of thing I do. I like most types of craft although I have never been moved towards paper crafts. I had a couple of cross stitches which were finished and needed framing so they are both home from the framers and on the wall.

This one turned out better than I anticipated. The camera and computer don't do justice to the gold thread and accents but it is very pretty and is hanging in the lounge room.

This one although it is in my favourite colourway of blue and white, I'm not completely happy with the frame. I think it needs more contrast and in this picture at least looks a bit like a television screen. Oh well, I'll leave it for a while and then decide if I will change it.

I am running out of spaces on the wall to hang things so perhaps it is time to stop or maybe move to that country mansion with more walls to fill. As Grace gave me the cross stitch kit at the top, I though it would be a nice idea to write a little note on the back. In fact, I am going to do that with all of them as maybe someday, someone might be interested to know and I might not be here to tell.

Now is the time for gardening (weeding) not stitching so that is where Iam heading.



Lisa said...

You'll have to start rotating your work. Very pretty.

joolzmac said...

I also have that Mother teacup cross stitch and was going to finish it for my Mum this past Mother Day. Shamefully, it still sits unfinished. I am attempting the gold lace work - oh wow, it's hard going! You have had it framed beautifully and I will try and get it finished and try for the same sort of frame. You have inspired me!


The little book of Nessie said...

Lovely cross stitch Tracy. Job well done. Regards, Nessie

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

I love cross-stitch and should do more myself. These projects are just gorgeous.