Monday, August 15, 2011


The black mulberry is full of buds. I hope that they will be safe from the cold weather that we still have left this winter. The white mulberry lags behind this tree and isn't showing any signs of baby mulberries or leaves as yet. The mulberry is always the first to offer some signs of spring in the orchard. I have seen along the road on my way to town, many trees in full blossom but in our little valley, the spring comes a little later and so we don't have any blossoms just yet. They will appear in their own time. We can manipulate things on a small scale like sowing seeds early in heated seed trays but in the overall scheme of things, as a gardener and as a farmer, you are dictated to by nature and the weather. Everything has it's season.

I am adoring my daphne bush right now. It is such an unobtrusive little shrub and really unless you look at the blooms up close, it could be overlooked. That is when the scent comes in. It has the most intoxicating perfume which belies it's humble looks.

I especially like daphne because it is the plant that Tim bought for me when our son was born. I know that a bunch of flowers is romantic in many women's hearts but for me a lovely plant that can keep on giving speaks love to me.



Kimmie said...

Oh I adore Daphne

Vickie said...

hmmm mullberries oh how I wish..that Daphne looks beautiful, and I agree a plant that can keep giving is wonderful,cheers Vickie

Paola said...

Hi Tracy, I hope you don't mind me using your comments section to thank you for the very thoughtful gift I received in the mail yesterday. It's my goal this year to raise a lot more of our vegies from seed, and I'm excited to try both of these out. And the dishcloth almost seems too nice to use!
Jealous of your daphne - I love this planttoo , but my attempts to grow it here have not been good. Probably too humid here.
Warm regards, Paola

Lisa said...

The daphne is beautiful! I've heard of it but never seen it.