Friday, August 19, 2011

A Break is in Order

I am taking a wee break from most things computer related. I will check my emails but not much more than that for a short time (hopefully). I have had a twitching eye for almost three weeks and it is vexing me to say the least. I am pinning my hopes on a break from the flickering small screen of the computer righting it.
Until next time,


Kimmie said...


Janice said...

Take care of that eye. Thinking of you.

Lisa said...

I'll miss your posts, but it sounds like a good idea. I get headaches if I look at the screen too much - I hope staying away will help.

Brenna said...

Hi Tracy,

I just gave you some love back at my blog, come check it out!


africanaussie said...

Hi Tracy,
I just got your lovely package in the mail - thank you so much! that dishcloth is the softest, loveliest yarn - I cant imagine using it to wash dishes! I will have to research some ideas to use up the fat quarter. take care of yourself - I know an eye twitch can be very irritating