Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The beautiful spring-like weather of the last two days and thinking about summer bounty is awfully tempting. It lulls you into that mind-set that winter is drawing to a close and it is safe to pop in a few seeds. I will not be tempted. I am going to bide my time and wait out these warm days until I know it safe and those tender little summertime plants will be safe (from frosts anyway). Ofcourse in reality, I will succumb to temptation. Not this week but in a little while I will just have to sow something just in case it grows and gives me a headstart on the coming season.

It is so nice to live here and enjoy the fruits of our labour. I am always trying to live with seasonality in mind and enjoy what we have available at the moment. Right now in the orchard that is citrus. Lemons, mandarins and Tim's favourite, the lemonade fruit. In thevegetable garden it is a little more humble. We have an abundance of turnips. There are also carrots, peas, snowpeas, lettuce and rocket but it is the turnip which is king. It really isn't the most versatile vegetable but I am grateful for them even if the younger members of the family are not.

Today was just glorious. A winter sun which was friendly and warm without any harshness. We had lunch outside and work didn't seem like work at all today.



Phoebe said...

It is so tempting isn't it! What tomatoes are you planning to grow this year?
The winter harvesting sounds great!

Lisa said...

Lemonade fruit? And it isn't lemons? Hmm