Monday, September 5, 2011

Bloomin' Busy

It is that time of year (I think it always is really) when it seems busy. Thankfully I am not busy with things that I don't love. It is a busy time planting and sowing and I could not keep up with the eggs which are coming in even if I baked and cooked all day. At least one meal a week is dedicated to the not so humble egg. Even if for the non-egg eaters it is disguised as crepes and the like.

Chinese Witch Hazel

It is simply lovely outdoors now. The spring sunshine and the blooms. The weeds are not forocious and I have been making the most of the early mornings with a bike ride each day. I don't ride far, only about 10km but I really love it. I will probably rethink my love when I see a snake on the road.

Grape hyacinth
Most of the spring bulbs are putting on a show. The Dutch Iris are yet to flower but it is nice to have a staggered display so there is always something to look forward to and something to enjoy right now.

Spring Star Flower


I love the jonquils. To me their scent is lovely and pure. If I was a bride I would happily carry a bouquet just like this one.



Phoebe said...

Its lovely with all the different flowers! Did you plant the bulbs?

joolzmac said...

It is a lovely time of year. Our area is so green and lush after good winter rains. The sheep are plump in the paddocks with lambs at foot and the sun is shining! Yay! My favourite time of year.
I love the jonquils too, they would make a lovely posy.


Vickie said...

I so adore seeing your foliage in bloom..the scents must be heavenly..jsut too peddle a little on your bike is excellent..I so hear you ont he snake thing..oh too have soo many eggs,cheers Vickie

Tania @ Out Back said...

Your flowers look to be loving Spring like the rest of us are...

It is a busy time of year when we seem to have bursts of energy to get things done.

Lisa said...

What pretty photos, Tracy! Happy spring to you.