Monday, August 29, 2011

Still Twitching

My eye is still twitching every so often so my self-imposed computer exile was not necessary. There are however advantages from taking a holiday from technology not the least of which is making headway on to-do lists and just plain getting things done. I do miss reading the happenings in blogland. So, I am back online.

Now a dirty filled bathtib is not the most exciting thing to look at but I'm excited about what is in there. Last year I grew rice in this tub and this year I have planted and replanted many times in my mind until I have finally decided what to put in. It is another experiment and when it gets up and going properly, I'll share. Until then, it is under wraps.

Citrus is at the fore right now. Lemons, lemonades and mandarins. The mandarin tree is just by the front gate which makes for easy lunchbox filling on the way to school. I picked a full basket of lemons this morning and plan to make some cordial later and also some lemon butter. There is also a rogue lime in the basket. I have gone over that tree at least four times and every time I miss fruit. This one I couldn't miss, it has been on the tree so long that it is yellow and was very noticible amongst the greenery. The two orange fruit are from a roadside gleaning last Thursday. They smell like oranges but the juice and flesh is quite sour. Well, they are now in some citrus and poppy seed biscuits.

Even the peas are looking a little citrusy. These are a yellow podded pea . A variety I haven't grown before and as the peas are all a little late this year due to our cooler winter, I haven't tasted it yet either so I can't report on it other than it is a nice compact bush with lovely purple flowers and pretty pods.



Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

Sorry about the eye but your citrus and peas look yummy :)

Lisa said...

Welcome back - I hope your eye starts behaving soon.
As for your baking and cooking, if I were looking to hire a cook, you would be the person!! My mouth often waters when I visit here.

Vickie said...

lovely to see you back, hmm now I wonder what is in that bathtub..citrus full basket looks beautiful,wow you introduce me to some womderful garden items..yello peas hm,mm,cheeers Vickie

Anne said...

Tracy did you write about your rice in the latest organic gardener magazine?

Blore said...

Ted wants to make lemonade, perhaps you can bring some down when you visit and give us a lesson.