Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Harvest Festivals

The northern hemisphere gardeners are abuzz with harvesting and our turn in the south will come but I would really like to go to a harvest festival or two. The T-shirt offered by Beekman 1802 was on my wish-list for a birthday gift but unfortunately my sister couldn't have it sent to Australia. I just loved the slogan, Making Farming Fabulous. Never mind.
Farming has been pretty fabulous today. Fabulous but not glamorous. I "harvested" a barrow of compost and then moved the other two bays worth across. Now bay number one is ready for a fresh batch. The winter compost is slower in the making but now with warmer weather, compost production should pick up. There is never too much compost.

These lavenders were really enticing today. I love lavender, always have. I haven't found a variety that I don't like. I planted out 13 new lavender plants along the driveway this morning along with some nasturtium seeds in the orchard.

This bee was not one of the escapees from yesterday. They are currently secured and awaiting their new hive to arrive a little later. The new hive will be situated a little closer to the house than the other two hives and near the vegetable garden. That should keep the bees happy as there is always something to forage in the garden.

Although it is by no means a harvest festival, tonight we will be eating the last of the turnips which I harvested today and a ragu with nettle pasta made with the nettles which I am harvesting from the pesky nettles that pop up all over. So it will a harvest festival of everyday proportions.



Phoebe said...

WOW home made nettle pasta!! Recipe please!

Vickie said...

now what a view you have from your compost bins awesome indeed...hmm now I giigle when I think of neetle as I used to get massive welts everytime I went to Barmah from stinging nettle...glad the bees are safe,cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

Wow - my mouth is watering again. They say it's good to eat nettles in spring, to clear out your system.