Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday in town

Today was earmarked as a town day for a week or so as my car needs a new CV joint and I was prepared to make the most of it right up until I drove out the driveway at 6:30am this morning. Hope noticed a swarm of bees, our bees in the fork of a tree limb and there really was nothing I could do about it. Nothing except worry about what to do and what it means to the hive. Tim who is more pragmatic and actually has more bee knowledge than me was not perturbed so I'm not either. Is it really that things happen when you are unprepared or in a situation where you can not do anything about it or do we just feel that way when things we don't want to happen occur? A little bit too philosophical for a mere bee swarm maybe but it does make for some wondering.

I am glad to have tomorrow at home with not a single place to be other than where I want to be most of all. I have been suffering a bit lately from some negative thinking which is not my usual style and I am determined to be rid of it forever. My blogging friends are a great encouragement and I am grateful to everyone who leaves a comment or sends an email. They are appreciated, thank you.

I am blogging from the town library with its wonderful free, fast internet and using old photos on a cd I found in my bag. I have had a lovely walk in the most delightful of spring sunshine and I'm excited about seeing all of my nieces and nephews on the weekend, especially the newest, Mal born on 1st September. I haven't held a tiny baby since his brother was born four years ago so it will be lovely.



Lisa said...

I hope you have a wonderful next few days!
The library with its fast internet sounds like ours - at home I'm a cheapskate and have the slowest service. (which I'm getting tired of.)
Your spring sounds nice - I'm looking forward to some cooler fall weather - then maybe I'll have more get up and go.

africanaussie said...

Tracy, what you said really hit a chord with me. My daughter recently visited me and we had some good heart to hearts on that same subject. We both react to outside influences as if they are attacking us personally and have decided to change that view. I think it is all about taking control of how we view situations. Anyway just thought I would share that with you and maybe it will be of some help. I think you are very brave - I would love the honey but think I would be scared of the bees.

Vickie said...

Oh wow..I never knew bees moved like that...I'm glad you enjoyed your day,and I sure hope the perky pace and smiling face is backwith you real soon,cheers Vickie