Monday, October 10, 2011


I have posted about hospitality before or rather the lack of opportunity I have to open our home to others. Not for long though. Grace wants to have a birthday party this year and I have agreed to it. Her plan is to have a high tea style affair at the end of the month for about seven girls. I love that my girl wants to do something like that rather than something noisy or a sleepless sleepover. Hope on the other hand wants to have a Doctor Who themed party when it is her birthday in December. I'm not sure what we will do for that but she will know.

My biggest issue now is that when you don't entertain even on a small scale, you get out of practice. Although I shouldn't, I am succumbing to a little bit of the "I'm not good enough" mentality. That isn't what it is about afterall. When I go to someone's home, I don't mind what their house or gardens are like, I just enjoy the friendship they are offering.

Grace has picked out all of her favourite recipes for dainty morsels (the list grows daily) which should have us busy cooking for days. Apparently the girls are planning on being very grown up and lady-like for the afternoon tea and then they are going to go outside and be themselves. It should be fun.



Anne said...

Sounds lovely Tracey, just read about you in the Organic Gardening magazine again. Well done.

Fiona said...

I'm like that too and get very nervous about entertaining... as you say things never bother me at other peoples houses.... I'm sure it will be a wonderful party..

Fiona said...

PS... I have some nice beans about 8" tall now ... ying yang seeds that you sent me.... lovely to see them growing...

africanaussie said...

Oh I know you will have a wonderful time, and I am just like you - my own worst enemy. I often have to tell myself to treat myself as I would treat my own best friend. That rose is gorgeous by the way!

joolzmac said...

A tea party sounds like a lovely idea. Ann's daughter (at Eight Acres of Eden) hosted a tea party for her birthday. I looked like lots of fun and very elegant.

Check it out,

Cheers - Joolz

Lisa said...

Tracy - you will do just fine! The things you cook and bake always sound like gourmet restaurant fare to me. I would like to come to this party!

Paola said...

Sounds like a great party is in the offing!

Tamsin said...

Sounds like fun. The great thing is everyone will just be looking forward to having a good time.
You have probably already thought of this, but what about getting the guests to do some preparation like decorating cupcakes or biscuits (if those is on the list of dainty morsels :-))?
Hope it all goes well!