Sunday, October 16, 2011

River Cottage Lunch

It may be quite some time before I actually have lunch at one of the River Cottage establishments but nothing stops me from having it at home. I used Hugh's recipe from the River Cottage Veg Every Day! book to make up Sunny Corner Farm version of a very satisfying baguette with broad beans and asparagus.

It was completely delicious and didn't suffer from my improvisation of home made bread rolls and cream cheese rather than goats cheese.

The chickens have been having the best time too. Their foraging is getting beyond what I am happy with, a little too free range. When they see me turning soil or weeding, they are there. It appears that I am the source of all things delicious to chooks. I am not about to lock them up (not yet) but I am seriously considering electric poultry netting as a control mechanism. I'm just trying to decide if the $300 price tag is worth it.


Bec - Farmers Wife said...

I've never heard of electric poultry netting before,we have electric fencing for the cattle but what an interesting idea.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Cheeky chooks!

We have our veggie garden fenced off so the chooks cant have...They have the whole 2.5acres and they end up out the front of the house in my so called flower garden...

Lisa said...

Reminds me of Henry - he's "always there", too! :) Your lunch sounds pretty good!