Monday, October 31, 2011

The Place to Be

I have the herb garden all sorted with mulch and in a state of orderly chaos that I like best. Too neat and formal and the maintenance would be beyond my time constarints. The place to be right now though is under the jasmine covered arch. The scent is sublime and one of my favourites.

The table above is where Tom is doing most of his study for his exams. I don't think I would get much effective study done there, I would be too distracted but he seems to be coping. Only chemistry and physics left to do and then the long wait for results before university offers.

The house is also resembling itself now too. Extra bedding washed and packed away and normal routines back in place. At least until the weekend when we will have Grace's party for her friends. This afternoon I am going to experiment a little in the kitchen and make some rose syrup. There are some very sweet roses in bloom so I'd like to make something that captures that besides pot-pourri. If it is a success then I will post a recipe but if not, I will most likely never speak of it again.



Kimmie said...

Love the photo with the ornate table setting. Such a pretty spot to have a cuppa and relax!

africanaussie said...

Oh I would love to study there or just hang out with a cup of tea! I purchased two tiny plants last weekend - one gardenia and one jasmine and I keep venturing out to sniff the few blooms I have. Hopefully one day I will have a covered arch like you do! Is this where you will be having your afternoon tea?

Vickie said...

thank you for the visit in your garden - looks like such a tranquil space,I agree with you I wouldn't get much study done if I sat at the lovely table either,cheers Vickie

Lisa said...

Yes, thanks for the visit, Tracy - we're in a mess here, so it's nice to see your pleasant garden. I'd like to zip over to see you, and leave all this behind! :)

Anne said...

I'm interested to see how your syrup turns out. I made rose petal jam and jelly last year, it was interesting but way too sweet for our taste.