Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I try to keep the house pretty clean but I do like to give it a thorough going over now and then. Spring is an obvious time with the warmer weather. Having a wood fire for heating makes for some ashy dust which seems to settle everywhere so I always wait for the last fire of the year before I spring clean. Today the dining room hutch which is full of china tea sets took its turn. I emptied the shelves this morning at 5:50am before heading in to town for Grace's violin lesson and by the time I came home, it was ready to pack away. Glad that job is done. I have also been outside a lot. The weather is too nice to be indoors all day. Sprucing up untidy areas and topping up mulch. The chooks even the pretty little Pekins think that I do this for their benefit alone.

I also cleaned the carpets yesterday morning just in time for Hope to need some paracetamol for a sore throat last night. I really do not like carpets at all and in our first home we removed them and polished up the lovely tounge and groove floorboards. In this more modern house, the flooring is just sheeting and doesn't look as good bare. I am hoping that we can pull up the carpet still and put a floating timber floor over the top. Another thing for the wish list.


P.S. The rose petal syrup was a triumph and I am baking a cheesecake right this very minute just to have an excuse to taste it proper.


africanaussie said...

I look forward to hearing more about the rose petal syrup. It sounds very interesting, and on cheesecake?

Phoebe said...

Those chickens look very happy in the sunshine!
Oh dear, how did you get the paracetamol out of the carpet?

Kim said...

Can't wait to hear about the cheese cake ! I am spring cleaning too at the moment, which means the other housework is falling by the wayside. It feels so nice to go into my pantry now with everything in its place.