Thursday, November 10, 2011

Companion Planting ???

I know there is much conjecture as to whether companion planting works or not. I'm not sure either way but I think it does no harm and there does seem to be a certain amount of common sense behind it if not scientific fact. A good table of companions both good and bad can be foundd on here. My coriander is in flower now and seems to be attracting some good insects. I am by no means an entomologist (my scientific background is microbiology) so I am just guessing that this is some sort of beneficial wasp.

There were a lot of these beasties so they are probably bad news rather than good.

This ladybird I like. I'm ever so grateful for the ability to crop my fingers out of these pictures. Digital photography is a boon for the likes of me who need a little help.

No matter what I plant with the potatoes, the nasty ladybirds always find them. The only pest control I use is squishing which despite being a little revolting is quite rewarding. I thought these were my only problems with the potatoes. In fact yesterday I weeded around all of the potatoes and even harvested some and everything was fine.

Today however is another story. What I can only assume to be a rabbit has decided to burrow in one of my raised potato beds. This bed is made of corrugated iron and a foot high so it is one keen bunny and one cranky gardener. I'm pretty sure I won't find anything on any companion planting list that can help me with htis problem. Perhaps a gardeners revenge stew will fix it.



africanaussie said...

Are those the 24 spot ladybirds that are the bad ones? I never know how to count the spots.... Is anyone inside that hole?

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Oh NO! Naughty rabbit! Could be a wombat. If you lived here.

Love the good ladybugs but hardly see them in my garden :(

Dzoli said...

I am sure it works!! Proof in my garden everywhere.And my best friends are marygold;)