Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birds in the garden

I really love the seeing and listening to the birds that inhabit our garden. Where I live is very much the home of native birds so there is always a lot of bird calling and squawking so although it is peaceful here, it is never quiet.

The property has some dense areas of eucalypts and I have also planted other natives along the driveway. In the near future I'm hoping to plant some native edibles.

It is not the native plantings however that get the birds into the garden.

It's the irresistible fruit that I have planted. I myself can't walk past a ripe cherry without picking one so it probably is too much to expect the birds to leave them alone.

I would prefer it if they did though. This naughty king parrot taunted me this morning. I was watering some young lavenders and he watched me whilst he delighted in MY cherries. I chased him away twice and he just flew a little away and watched me until he thought it was ok to come back. He probably was a little perturbed with me for ruining his peaceful breakfast. He is a connoisseur, he is leaving the ripe mulberries alone in favour of the more gourmet cherries. My revenge, I picked what I could and enjoyed them right there in the orchard.



Frogdancer said...

I can't wait until my cherry tree starts producing. I planted it last year, so I think I'll just have to learn patience...

Lisa said...

Such a brilliant colored bird! I forgot that you have parrots flying around over there. Fabulous.

africanaussie said...

This is a great year for fruit - your cherries look so yummy. Our lychee tree is laden and the bats move in at night....same story!

Dzoli said...

I know how nice it is to hear the native birds.I have a lot in my garden too.Tui is my favourite.Such a small bird with such a mighty voice!
My first crop(and it looks fantastic sofar) are strawberries.The earlyones I tried and they are big,plump juicy and sweeeeet;)

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Wow your cherry looks glossy and yum!

The king parrots are beautiful but so cheeky!