Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Rams

There are five rams on the farm at the moment. That is three too many so we will be selling the three youngest soon. The rams are currently in the paddock near the house so we have their company for a while. Keeping them close by and hand feeding them helps keep them quiet and allows us to train them to come when called and makes them easier to handle.

This is Crinkles. He is boss. Crinkles will be six in May and we have decided he will remain with us until the end. He was born on a small school farm and consequently had a lot of handling as a lamb. This has made him a little too familiar with people and he is not adverse to using his 100+ kilograms to get his way. I do not handle him at all as he has no respect for me at all. I keep a fence between us and things are just fine.

This guy will be for sale.

So will he.

And this one too.

In the flesh there are discernible differences between each sheep but I can see that on the screen they all look the same.Daryl, the ram we bought in June last year is staying too. He is camera shy so I couldn't catch a snap of him no matter how I tried.


Kimmie said...

Great piccies of "The Boys"


Lisa said...

The last two are kinda cute. Isn't it funny that there's a camera shy one? :D

sammy said...

Gosh I wish I had a farm to buy them - they are very cute!

Kim said...

Love their little faces!