Friday, March 9, 2012

Independence Days Update #3-5

With travel being high on my agenda these last few weeks I have kept up-to-date with the Independence Days updates but here is my attempt for this week. The idea comes from Sharon and there are always some great blogs to discover from fellow Independence Days followers.

I am out of batteries on my camera too so unfortunately there are no pictures to go along with todays post. I have been surprised this week to find out how attached I am to my camera and picture taking.

Plant something: cauliflower, Brussell's sprouts, cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli and regular green broccoli. All planted in the mini greenhouse.

Harvest something: zucchini, tomatoes and beans mostly.

Preserve something: Freezing grated zucchini from the ones that got away from us and in an effort to do something with the tomatoes when time was short, I slow roasted a couple of kilo's with salt, pepper and white wine for a rich sauce and froze it to use with gnocci later on.

Waste not: Regular composting and scrap feeding to poultry and worms.

Want not: I do really want a new car as mine is in need of some work which is just not worth the expense but we are going to make do with one car which will require some careful shuffling and very likely some early morning starts for me and the girls.

Eat the food: having been away for most of last week it was great to be at home to cook and dine. We have been eating mostly from the garden which is having a flush of autumn growth. Baking has been on the agenda too- honey pear cake and biscuits/cookies.

Building community: Giving away some surplus eggs and tomatoes. Free food definitely fosters good community relations.

Skill up: Crocheting granny squares beyond the basic square. I have added flowers and other fancy stitches to my repertoire.



Bee Girl said...

Hi Tracy! I found you through Sharon's blog and am enjoying poking around your space! I am immediately jealous of your 40 acres, as we live on 1/8 acre! Sounds like your last couple of weeks have been productive :-) Don't you just love to jot down what you're accomplishing? It always makes me feel better, even on a slow week :-)
You can find my most recent ID post here:

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