Monday, March 5, 2012


Garlic is a much loved flavouring here on the farm. I grow more than enough for us each year so there is enough to give away and to keep for planting the next season. When my garlic came from the supermarket I thought garlic was garlic but growing a few different varieties really does open your eyes and tastebuds to a whole world of different garlic flavour. Some are definitely on the mild side and some have quite a bite to them. It is now time to order new bulbs and there are some temptations to be sure but with finances tight, I will stick to my free members seeds only. Usually I plait my garlics for storage and they have managed to hang in the laundry room and keep for many months. They do look quite appealing too.

This time however I was a little lazy and decided to try just chopping off the dry tops, brushing off the excess dirt and storing them in a ventilated box. This method actually seems to be better for me. Perhaps because there is less light in the box than the laundry so there has been no sprouting whatsoever. Next year I will probably err on the side of laziness again and leave the pretty plaits behind.


Anonymous said...

I have never grown garlic in our vegie patch because I foolishly thought it was all the same and it was just easier to buy it and save space for other vegies.

But, then a neighbour gave me some garlic that he had grown and the flavour was so much better than I had ever had from the supermarket.

Guess who will now be growing garlic in her vegie patch??????

Bec - Farmers Wife said...

I only make garlic braids for presents now. Like you we chop the tops off but also the roots. We found due to our wet summers if we leave the roots on they start growing.