Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This and that

Firstly thank you to those who left lovely comments on my post on  Mother's Day. I appreciate that people take the time to stop by and read and then leave a comment. I know for certain that there really isn't enough time to read every blog post from every blog that you enjoy let alone take the extra time to comment so I am thankful for the heartfelt comments that I do receive.

 The dry autumnal weather is continuing with wintry nights and sunny but crisp days. My apricot tree which is a favourite of mine in any season, is stunning in its autumnal garb.

 Not easy to discern but the picture above is of some of the rows I have been sowing over recent times for some grain and cereal crops. Our focus on our farm is feeding ourselves first and foremost before any surplus is sold, bartered or given away. The farm is too small to support us financially but it can provide a lot of our dietary requirements. The cooler season crops in are spelt, rye, oats and wheat. I also have lucerne growing for the animals. We have ummed and ahhed over whether to buy a rotary hoe for tilling but decided against it and I can safely say my biceps are better for it. No need for the gym.

 This afternoon I have been sneezing up a storm. I made a batch of green curry paste. I thought the chillies would be the wort part of the procedure but it was grinding the 20 peppercorns that made me come unstuck.
 These chillies are however very potent. I have washed my hands a few times but the sting still remains. I know I should use gloves but a) I don't have any disposable gloves or even washing up gloves and b) I like the hands-on approach when I am cooking, even if it is a bit hazardous.

We used a jalapeno last night and it was extra hot too. So it must have been a good year for chillies.

The end product doesn't look the best but if the aroma is anything to go by, the next Thai green curry I make will not only be hot, but tasty too. I used a recipe from Spirit House and I can recommend their recipes highly.


Kimmie said...

Hi Tracy

Heartpoet (Stu) dined at Spirit House whilst away on a work related training trip a couple of years ago. He loved it there and has promised to take me one day.

Your green curry paste looks delish!

Paola said...

Hi Tracy, I'm a hands on cook too - no gloves in my kitchen (except oven gloves - I'm not that brave). It surprises me how long chillis stay on your fingers. I've wiped my eyes for example, a couple of hours after chopping chillis and after washing my hands, and have been "stung" on a few occasions now.

Joolzmac said...

Last time I cut up a 'mild' red chilli (the biggger long ones) I got juice under my finger nails... I could feel the heat all day! I think maybe your green curry paste may be a little too hot for me - I am a woosy when it comes to too much curry heat!

Cheers Joolz