Friday, June 15, 2012


I don't really know if omnivory is a word or not but an omnivore is what I am. Today we are butchering lamb. Last week it was turkey. Growing your own fruit and vegetables has a certain romanticism about it but there really is nothing pretty about growing your own meat. It is confronting to be responsible not only for the life and wellbeing of an animal but also for it's death too. The  plastic wrapped meat in the supermarket allows that sense of responsiblility and connection between eating meat and the death of an animal to disappear for some. Of course there is nothing wrong with buying meat in the supermarket or at the butcher, I do it too. We can't all grow our own. I just think it is important to remember where it came from. My girls will not eat our homegrown lamb for precisely this reason and that is their choice (hope does however get tempted by the cooking aromas on occasion).

Now. Complete frivolity in between what is going on in the butchering room.

  The photo a day topic is yellow. The last and loneliest rose bloom. It is some pale shade of yellow and a bit bedraggled.
The weeds in the lawn are fairing much better. Don't the weeds always fair better?



Kim said...

Good on you for mentioning this side of things Tracy. I often feel reticent to say too much to my friends and then I see the disconnection they have with all food. The thing is these animals have been given a great life and it is so very different to factory farming .

Paola said...

I agree, good on you for broaching the topic of raising and butchering your own meat. We do this here too, but I've not mentioned it on my blog. I may do so now.
I wouldn't eat our own meat at first until I considered that I was happy enough to eat meat that conceivably had a less pleasant life and death than our own animals.