Monday, August 20, 2012

Nothing Much

My routine is completely out the window and most likely won't return to 'normal' until after September 7th. Tim is on annual leave from work and things do go a little haywire. There are more tea breaks than usual and not as much time spent online. I'm hoping we manage to get a few larger projects completed that get put aside when Tim only has a few days off 'real' work at a time.

 Today I made sure all of the fruit trees that needed pruning were done and ready for spring. There are signs of spring on some of the trees. The black mulberry and the satsuma plum have bids and even baby fruit in the case of the mulberry. Tomorrow I am planning to sow a few early tomatoes in the greenhouse, hoping it isn't too early for here.

 In the couple of weeks since I last posted here I have had a trip to Sydney to visit Tom and also a few ups and downs too. Just run of the mill happenings with nothing exciting to report.


Becky said...

LOve the photos of the blooms. Life does have a way of getting in the way of living at times.

Joolzmac said...

I wish I could get organised for spring! My back garden is a shambles with weeds and unpruned rose bushes but I am scared my back will play up if I get out there. Plus the weather on weekends (that we have been home) hasn't been great for outdoor activity. We are looking forward to 14 days in Tasmania at the start of October so I am getting excited for that.
How organised are you, putting in tomato seeds already? We have another cold snap here today, currently 8C at 9am and heavy rain. Yesterday was quite Springy with a warmth in the air but not today!

Have a nice day,