Monday, July 30, 2012


 I am having a bit of a gardening romance with cacti at the moment. This one I potted up in a wee tea cup and received a few prickles for my troubles. But I still like it anyway.

These teeny-tiny ones are on the kitchen window sill so I can enjoy their company while I wash the dishes but I may pot them up together in a terracotta pot for the verandah or porch. I don't think there is much scope for them to grow in such tiny pots.


Fiona said...

The little cacti are great... and what an amazing view... does help to make dishwashing a bit more fun!

Anonymous said...

I have done two things with cacti that I am really happy with. One was to use an old bird bath that had seen better days and leaked everywhere, fill it up with cacti mix and plant it out. They seem to love the narrow depth. The other was to pot them into a 'strawberry' pot. They love that too. Louise

Vickie said...

love your cacti and the wee teacup is cute as...gorgeous view from your window,cheers Vickie

Kimmie said...

I adore your view from your window!