Thursday, September 27, 2012

A quick road trip

Tim and Tom
 A quick road trip for me tomorrow to take Tom back to Sydney for the final stretch of university for this year. I will also be picking up jars for our honey too. He will be back home for a long break at the end of November but until then, he is on his own. We won't be able to get away for a while because it is lambing time which is always busy and tiring and cute and fun.

 We moved the ewes down the street to the lambing paddock today (they actually know the way and I just have to open the gates) . The grass here is green and new so they have been enjoying the change. It is a bit of a laugh to see sheep make their way through a new paddock, it's as though they have never seen grass before. Well they have never seen this grass I guess.

The beehives also had a bit of attention. It is the busy time for apiary too, more hive checking. New supers on the pink and white hives. The blue hive will have a new second super next week ( I have to paint the box).

Thanks goodness for the school holidays, I even managed to squeeze in a power nap this afternoon.

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